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Heidi Brandewie @lifeinapinkbox is an incredibly talented artist who is responsible for 99.9% of the photos on this site.  Heidi's husband, Chris, skillfully rendered my thoughts into the Girl Naturalist Logo.  It draws so many compliments.  Heidi and Chris are two of the kindest,  most giving and creative people I know.


Anna Bjorkstrand @anna_bjorkstrand_photography has a superpower of putting people at ease then capturing their personality in time.  Her student portraits make your heart skip a beat.  Anna's photos appear on this site and they're a cherished reminder of our afternoon together at Minnehaha Creek.


L to R: Cindy Mattice, Colleen's daughter Molly, Colleen McLean and Heidi Brandewie

Heidi has designed jewelry, gardens, and home interiors for years.  She started her own flower business a couple years ago, growing each flower from seed.  In midsummer, her garden is a neighborhood attraction. 


Heidi hosted our first ever pop up with me and our other remarkably talented maker friend, Cindy Mattice @itscalledyellowCindy is a potter who pairs her beautiful pieces with plants.  She also makes cups that honor her mom (another inspiring woman!) and they are the perfect size to wrap your hand around. 


The three of us have been making plans, giving feedback, encouragement, and supporting each other and each other's businesses ever since.  I wish for every woman to have a duo like Cindy and Heidi to make them feel like they can do anything. These two will always lift me up and inspire, and routinely make me laugh hard enough that I could pee my pants.

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