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I started this business because I am passionate about candles. Lighting a candle instantly sets a mood. There’s a ritual in lighting a candle that encourages us to slow down. The movement of the little flame and the gentle scent keeps us in the present.


I love creating new scents. Everyone in my family has a different favorite. I wonder what yours will be?


I’m Colleen, founder, and chief candle pourer of Girl Naturalist.


Girl Naturalist is a nickname that my dad gave me when I was a child. I was always exploring outdoors—curious and happy so long as I was immersed in nature. I brought home toads and salamanders all summer long.


Making candles doesn’t feel like a job. I’m having so much fun. I love having my family involved. I love sharing ideas with my girlfriends. I love getting to meet other makers at area markets.


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