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A dreamy floral that celebrates sweet honeysuckle, fragrant jasmine, and subtle woodsy notes. Takes you to the garden in the height of summer. Reminds my husband of his mother’s garden where the Lilies of the Valley gently perfumed the air.  An enchanting year-round scent.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine

  • 12.5 Oz Large Jar made from recycled glass. Colors vary from whim to season and come in clear, iridescent, translucent, and matte finishes. Woven from natural cotton and paper threads, the lead and zinc free wick burns evenly with a slight curl, giving exceptional scent throw. Our wax contains no paraffin, petroleum, or dye. All scents are certified phthalate free. Allergy sufferers appreciate our candles! Comes with a wood or cork lid. Weight: 1.025 lbs. Height: 4.1” Diameter: 3.75” Burn time: 75 – 80 hours
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