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An earthy scent with lavender and citrus notes that add a light floral and herbal balance. Customers say that this candle smells like good aftershave. My friend Heidi welcomes the balanced elements in this candle after coming inside from work in her flower studio.

Oakmoss & Amber

  • 6.5 Oz Medium The simple jar, made from thick, clear recycled glass, functions beautifully. Woven from natural cotton and paper threads, the lead and zinc free wick burns evenly with a slight curl, giving exceptional scent throw. Our wax contains no paraffin, petroleum, or dye. Just 100% clean-burning soy, manufactured without toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. All scents are certified phthalate free. Allergy sufferers appreciate our candles! Shipped in a reusable cotton drawstring tote. Height: 4" Diameter: 2.75" Burn Time: 45-50 hours
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