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Woody scent of resinous oud and the warm, sweet, intoxicating scent of tonka bean.  Complex and mellow.  Notes of rum, musk and balsam add to the intrigue.

Tonka & Oud

  • 4 Oz Tin Perfect size for a bathroom or for traveling. Great as gift sets, too!  The brushed steel finish and snug fitting lid make the tin a great alternative (or complement) to traditional glass containers. Woven from natural cotton and paper threads, the lead and zinc free wick burns evenly with a slight curl, giving exceptional scent throw.  Our wax contains no paraffin, petroleum, or dye.  Just 100% clean-burning soy, manufactured without toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. All scents are certified phthalate free.   Allergy sufferers appreciate our candles!  Container made from recyclable and reusable steel.  Height 1.65”   Diameter 2.81”  Burn Time: 16-18 hours

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